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Executive coaching consultancy

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Executive coaching consultancy.

What is Executive Business Coaching?

Executive Coaching is a powerful, targeted, and effective development tool for you as a leader. Coaching sessions are skilled and focussed conversations that challenge and support you to achieve your goals and enable you to excel.

What are the benefits of coaching?

executive coaching consultancy

For the individual

Empower and transform yourself.
Define your goals and achieve them.
Identify your blocks and overcome them.
Reveal what really matters to you.
Develop methods to manage your stress, change, conflict or crisis.
Avoid self-limiting beliefs – build confidence.
Gain clarity and perspective.
Boost resilience, develop strategies.

Executive Coaching Courses

For the organisation

Retain talent and improve engagement.
Increase focus, creativity and productivity.
Improve effectiveness of leadership and team management.
Drive and facilitate diversity and more effective organisational culture.
Develop positive relationship building and communication between people and departments.
Improve wellness and improve organisation support for your executives.
Support transitions into new roles and new cultures.
Set and achieve effective strategies and goals

Coaching has on average a 221% return on investment.

(Source International Society for Performance Improvement)

Executive Global Coaching – The Executive coaching consultancy

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{I never thought I would benefit from coaching BUT I am benefitting hugely from my sessions with Caroline. It gives me ideas, confidence and a place to practice in a ‘safe place’. New approaches to situations I have tackled for years…’s working….and I have to that Caroline as well as pat my own back. I highly recommend her as a WONDERFUL coach.
{Dr Caroline Holden is an erudite and incisive coach who, from the initial moments of our first coaching session, quickly grasped the internal dynamics of my workplace and role. From this, she swiftly arrived at a comprehensive understanding of professional life and its complexities. Rather than imposing her analysis, Caroline works collaboratively to encourage the coachee to actively consider and define their career goals through reflection and discussion, a process by which one organically arrives at solutions and strategies for self-improvement. In her coaching, Caroline also encourages the coachee to re-think perceived shortcomings and consider how these may, in fact, prove advantageous, thereby building confidence and resilience. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr Caroline Holden’s services to any professional seeking to gain clarity and momentum on their career journey.
Mary O Halloran-Proffitt
{The sessions I’ve had with Caroline have been hugely valuable. I’ve been able to discuss some challenges I’ve been facing in my position as Director of Business Development and discuss ways to deal with them and move forward. Caroline has enabled me to think differently and together we’ve explored different approaches all in a safe environment and all online via Zoom. She quickly understood the way I worked and cleverly the way Amnet work also. This really helped to enable me to explore and successfully implement some new strategies that I know I would not have tried before. Caroline is very supportive and each week built upon my confidence and encouraged me to think in a different way that absolutely has impacted my position at Amnet in a very positive way. I would strongly recommend Caroline as a coach.
D Harman

Executive Global Coaching - Executive coaching consultancy

99% of individuals and companies who hire a coach are “satisfied or very satisfied” and 96% say they would repeat the process.

(Source: ICF Global Coaching Client Study)

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